Life on the block

30 May 2023

Pedestrianized Wellington Street 2023

From June 5, 2023, and for the entire summer season, Promenade Wellington will be pedestrianized between rue R茅gina and 6th Avenue.

16 May 2023

All about the Pop-up shop VerdunLuv

Remember the VerdunLuv Pop-up container last summer? Well we're pleased to announce that this year the Pop-up has found its own storefront! 馃ぉ 馃А

10 May 2023

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching! Here are some gift ideas from the Well's merchants to treat the mother or mothers in your life.

19 April 2023

Earth Day: Spotlight on the businesses green initiatives

We're sharing some great green initiatives from businesses on Promenade Wellington!

5 April 2023

Wellington Street full of Easter surprises

Merchants have put out their Easter stock! Let's hear it for bunnies, Easter eggs, artisanal chocolate and the unique specialties that everyone has to offer! Encourage local purchases and consider taking a trip to Wellington Street to spoil your loved ones for the Easter break.

23 February 2023

5 tips to be a green festival goer

Whether you're a lumberjack, a jigger, a curious or a nostalgic, there are always a few simple things you can do to be the most eco-friendly version of yourself, even in mittens. That's why Cabane Panache is partnering with RECYC-QU脡BEC to give you 5 best practices to be a proud and responsible festival-goer!

4 February 2023

Valentines Day: Treat your loved ones on the Well

This is the time of year when Cupid takes out his bow and arrow to spread the love fever to all of us!

28 January 2023

Things to do this winter on Wellington street

Merchants on the Well are offering a variety of activities to help you get through the winter!

13 January 2023

Comedy Nights on Wellington Street

Come have a laugh in Verdun! Four establishments on Promenade Wellington offer comedy nights with a single objective: to make you laugh and have a good time!

9 January 2023

Be well-equipped for the outdoors this winter!

Are getting outside and moving more part of your New Year's resolutions? It's so much easier when you're well equipped!聽馃彃鉀革笍馃В

14 December 2022

P么le Well Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming soon and you're running out of ideas to spoil your loved ones? Don't panic, Muffin and Bobby have come up with a few gift suggestions to complete your holiday shopping that will please everyone!

24 November 2022

Santa’s mailbox & drawing contest

For the little ones of Verdun! Because it is said that at Christmas, wishes can come true thanks to the magic of the holidays!聽聽

22 November 2022

Let’s meet at P么le Well!

The holiday season is upon us and we invite you to P么le Well to get in the mood and prepare your festivities!

21 November 2022

The P么le Well Giant Christmas Tree

Sustainable development and eco-responsibility were, as always, at the heart of our efforts to lay out the giant Christmas tree. Here is what we have put in place to have a tree that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly!

14 November 2022

Coworking spaces on Wellington street

Did you know that there are coworking spaces on the Well for start-ups, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs? Read this article to learn more about the spaces!

24 October 2022

What to do for Halloween on Wellington street

We made up a little directory of activities organized by our merchants to live your best Halloween. Candy, costume parties, chills and special treats will be on the menu! So put on your best disguise and come experience a Well'oween worthy of the name!

21 October 2022

Merchant portrait: Millmans

We had a chat with Nicholas Gaudette, owner of Millmans, a new diner established on Wellington Street in Verdun last May.

19 July 2022

Repertory of terraces on Wellington street for summer 2022!

This summer, soak up the sun on the pedestrian Well!

21 June 2022

Surf the Well with FizzX脦lotfra卯cheur

Summer is meant to be fun, but it's also time to work! That's why we invite you to combine business with pleasure by surfing the web in one of our 9 fresh-islands on the pedestrian street, all connected with the Fizz network. #FizzX卯lotfraicheur

25 May 2022


As of June 1st, 2022, and for the entire summer period, Promenade Wellington will become pedestrianized between Regina Street and 6th Avenue.

24 November 2021

Santa’s mailbox & drawing contest

For the little artists of Verdun : Participate in the Muffin drawing contest to be posted in the mailbox located at the entrance of the Ruelle Enchant茅e.

23 November 2021

Welcome to P么le Well!

The holiday season is just around the corner and that's why we invite you to P么le Well to get in the mood and prepare your festivities!

22 November 2021

The Giant Fir Tree at Pole Well

With its 22 years of age, 35 feet high and with its two peaks, we can say that the giant tree of the Pole Well is unique!

13 May 2021

Du LUV dans ton panier #3

In order to support its neighbourhood merchants, restaurateurs and local community organizations during this period of uncertainty, the Promenade Wellington is launching a third participatory fundraising campaign!

6 January 2021

Sign to make the Jardins 脡thel dream come true

To ensure cultural programming in the summer of 2021 on the roof of the 脡thel parking lot we need the support of the community!
In 2019, the SDC Wellington raised $350,000 thanks to its partners for the development of the Jardins 脡thel esplanade. In the absence of confirmation from the City of Montreal that the parking lot will be renovated in the medium and long term, it is impossible for us to develop the upper floors to make them accessible to the public.
THANK YOU for signing to make the dream come true!

5 January 2021

Sign for Stationnement 脡thel

In the heart of Verdun is a concrete structure, obsolete, little-known and yet essential to the borough's economic development and civil life. The imposing structure is the 脡thel parking garage. Built at the end of the 1970s, it offers more than 250 parking spaces for citizens, visitors and workers in the area.

19 November 2020

Holiday season on the Well!

More than ever this year, we need to get away from it all and let ourselves be lulled by the magic of the holidays!

21 October 2020

Locketgo | Du LUV dans ton casier

Locketgo, the smart lockers to retrieve your local purchases at any time!

7 September 2020

Du LUV dans ton panier #2

In order to support Verdun's merchants and community organizations during this unique period, Promenade Wellington is launching a second participatory fundraising campaign!

2 June 2020

The pedestrian Well, for a safe shopping environment

D猫s le 6 juin 2020, et ce pour tout l'茅t茅, la Promenade Wellington est pi茅tonne entre le boulevard LaSalle et la 5e avenue.

2 June 2020

The pedestrian Well, for a safe shopping environment

As of June 6, 2020, for the entire summer, Promenade Wellington will be pedestrianized between LaSalle Boulevard and 5th Avenue.

21 May 2019

What to do during the Montreal Jazz Festival in Verdun?

Are you attending the Montreal Jazz Festival in Verdun?Take the opportunity to come earlier to discover and participate to the activities offered in Verdun! We have prepared a list of the inevitable!

23 February 2018

The Off Cabane – March 16th to 18th

Businesses on Rue Wellington have concocted a variety of activities especially for you 鈥 forest-survival courses, a photo contest of the best woodcutter to win ski passes, thematic menus, tastings, and even more performances!
Check out the programming that will warm you up before the main Cabane event the following weekend!