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Notre mission

Established in 1997, the Societé de Développement Commercial Wellington (SDC) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting business development on Wellington Street, thus Contributing to the Verdun borough's dynamic economic development. Located at the heart of the town of Verdun, La Promenade Wellington spans from Lasalle Boulevard to Sixth Avenue. Our mission is to support the development of the 250 merchants located on Wellington Street.

Our primary objectives
Promote the development of business on La Promenade Wellington
Represent our members and see to their best interests
Offer training and information to members
In-still value in our community and all it has to offer
Improve the quality of life and the aesthetic nature of our area

In addition to our partnership with the 250 merchants of Wellington street, The SDC works closely with many partners such as other economical development organizations and of course our most crucial partnership remains with the Verdun Borough Office.

We continue to organize many projects which contribute to the sociocultural and dynamic vibe that Wellington Street continues to offer.

Our short term goal is to increase Wellington Street's visibility, increase patron traffic while improving client service and the appearance of store-fronts. This will ensure long-term success in our goal to have La Promenade Wellington be known for it's multicultural niche, its warm atmosphere and hard to resist shopping experience.


A place to socialize for some, a place to work for others, La Promenade Wellington is the economic core of the Verdun Borough. Known for its impressive window displays and its wonderland of lit signs, for over 20 years, Wellington Street has been one of the busiest streets on the Island of Montreal. However many merchants have had to overcome many challenges throughout the years: The economic crisis of the 1930's, rising rental costs and unemployment just to name a few. Many can still remember the establishment of Carrefour Angrignon which forced the migration of merchants and in some cases, the unfortunate end to many businesses which contributed
to our street's irresistible charm.

As was the case with the mighty phoenix, Wellington Street is rising from its ashes. Our main road seems to be vibrant once again thanks to the collaboration of SDC with many new business owners who choose to set up shop so as to offer their services and products to local residents and patrons. Traditional in nature, local businesses offer fine-foods, fine dining, tea rooms, specialty coffees, and much more.

Conseil d'administration
Philippe Larose-Desmarais


Owner of Aéroport Voyage

Sophie Bergeron


Owner of Restaurant Rita

Maxime Desormeaux


Owner of La Boîte Immobilière

Simon Defoy


Owner of Station W

Tommy Bouillon

Business Administrator

Owner of Marçonnerie Gratton

Josée-Anne Derome

Business Administrator

Business Development Commissioner at PME MTL

Hugues Gagnon

Business Administrator

Owner of Benelux

Étienne Lavoie

Resident of Verdun Administrator

Internal communication at Hydro-Québec

Diane Vallée


Borough of Verdun

Notre équipe
Patrick Mainville

General Director
T. 514 766-6437

Julie Pilon-Cousineau

Operation Director
T. 514 766-6437

Marylou Bibeau

Event Director
T. 514 766-6437

Myranie Bray

Project Manager - Communications, designer / editor
T. 514 766-6437

Davin Velly

Project Manager - Logistics and Facilities
T. 514 766-6437

Marie-Eve Girard

Business development advisor
T. 514 766-6437

Perrine Petit

Project Manager - Event programmation
T. 514 766-6437

Anne Lalonde

Sponsorships & partnerships Coordinator
T. 514 766-6437

Claire Groulx-Robert

Community Manager
T. 514 766-6437

Louis Divaret

Conception & Design

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SDC Wellington
266, Hickson
Verdun QC. H4G 2J6
T. 514 766-6437