Publié le 7 February 2024
Valentine’s Day : Lot’s of LUV on the Well!
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Whether you’re into grandiose Valentine’s Day festivities or simply want to express your love for your loved ones, here are a few suggestions from Well merchants to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

Small thoughts
A Valentine's cake from Pâtisserie Béline to share (or not!)

Pâtisserie Béline never disappoints with its always tasty themed desserts. And they’ve just released a Valentine’s menu that includes a sumptuous cake. With its heart shape, chocolate filling, strawberry jam and Italian meringue buttercream, and vintage look, it’s sure to please!

Order yours online now!

👉 https://patisseriebeline.com/
🌿 Vegan, gluten and soy free

Love Blobs from Boutique Réunion

Oh, the classic box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day! It’s always a safe bet, especially when they’re as colorful and original as those in the Ernestine line! Love blobs and the entire Valentine’s Day collection of these famous chocolates have arrived at Boutique Réunion. What could be better than offering these delicious goodies to your favorite person?

👉 https://boutiquereunion.com/

📍 4750 Wellington St.

Flowers are for passion!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day classics, nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of flowers freshly prepared by Atelier Floral 4 Saisons, or one of the many arrangements available in our boutique. Is your partner more the plant type than the flower type? Browse their selection of houseplants just as luscious as their beautiful bouquets.

📍 5002 Wellington St.

👉 http://www.atelierfloral4saisons.com/

Toledo duck puff pastry for the salty tooth

Planning a little dinner at home? From February 9 to 18, Le Toledo is offering a puff pastry featuring duck leg confit, fine poultry stuffing with truffle, chard compote and mushrooms. The whole thing is topped with a crunchy puff pastry that’s as tasty as they come!
What’s more, it’s the perfect size for 2 people to cook at home.

📍 4448 Wellington St.

👉 Order online or in store

Choux pastry wreath for her or his majesty

Here’s Alice and Théo’s version of a light, delicious Valentine’s Day treat: choux pastry encrusted with roasted almonds, passion fruit ganache, lemongrass and lime mousse, raspberry coulis and vanilla ganache. So delicate and delicious! Order yours before February 12 to sweeten the lives of the royal family!

📍 3870 Wellington St.

👉 Website


A fancy dinner for two
Archway Verdun


From February 9 to 16, the Archway Verdun botanical restaurant is offering a special Valentine’s Day table d’hôte. Enjoy a tasty tête-a-tête and treat yourself and your date to deliciously refined vegan cuisine!

📍 3683 Wellington street

🍽️ Book your table now!


Dinner for two at P2

P2 Verdun unveils its special Valentine’s Day menu, available exclusively from February 13 to 17! “Love is in the air” is meticulously prepared to offer a range of seasonal flavors and gourmet cocktail pairings and your date and you! Book now on their website for a culinary experience in an elegant yet unpretentious atmosphere!

📍 4847 Wellington Street

🍽️ Book your table now!

Cambodgian honeymoon at Street Monkeys Restaurant

Looking for a culinary getaway without the jet lag? Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Cambodian way with Street Monkeys’ special menu, a seven-course feast you won’t want to miss. The restaurant opens its doors on Wednesday, February 14, and will be offering the menu all week long, until February 17. Prepare your appetite!

📍 3625 Wellington Street

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Check out your favourite restaurant!

Many other Promenade Wellington restaurants have released, or will be releasing in the next few days, their special Valentine’s Day menus. Don’t hesitate to visit their social networks or your favorite restaurant’s website!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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