Publié le 7 June 2024
Portrait of the Centre Pause Parents-Enfants
Retour à la vie de quartier

Nestled on Wellington Street in Verdun, at the corner of 4th Avenue, is a cozy space housing two corporations: Pause Parents-Enfants de Verdun (OCF) and the Centre pause Parents-Enfants (CPE). Since its beginnings in 1994, the Pause Parents-Enfants de Verdun community organization has developed into a true pillar of the community, offering support and resources in childcare and parenthood to families.


Let’s go back 30 years, when Pause Parents-Enfants de Verdun opened its doors with a clear mission: to offer essential support to parents while promoting the healthy development of toddlers.

The aim was to break the isolation of both parents and toddlers, encourage exchanges and create a network of help and support for neighborhood families.

Since then, projects and initiatives have grown steadily, and the organization’s history is marked by an unwavering commitment to the well-being of children and their parents.

As you’ll see, they offer an abundance of activities and services!

The space at 4901 rue Wellington, home to the community organization Families and the first installation of the CPE Centre Pause Parents-Enfants.

A growing family

After eight years of parenting services and activities, the organization had its first baby, as its employees like to say, by founding the CPE Centre Pause Parents-Enfants, with whom it shares space at 4901 rue Wellington to this day.

Building on the success of the CPE’s first facility, it only took a few years for a second facility to open at 3550 rue Wellington, welcoming over a hundred local children!

What’s more, the family is still growing, as the CPE Centre Pause Parents-Enfants is currently working on the opening of a third facility on rue de Verdun. Stay tuned!


Second installation of the CPE Centre Pause Parents-Enfants, located at 3550 Wellington Street.


The union between the CPE and the originating organization is an example of fruitful collaboration. Hand in hand, these two entities share not only a physical space, but also a common vision.

Sharing space and living together saves both human and financial resources, enabling the organization to keep its services accessible and affordable to all. A collaboration as essential as it is inspiring!

A whole bunch of activities and services

With a membership fee of just $5 per family per year, parents have access to a full range of activities and programs, from outdoor parent-child workshops, to introductory reading programs, to family intervention listening sessions.

To name just a few of their initiatives, “pause-jasette” and “pause-allaitement” offer parents a valuable opportunity to exchange with others in the presence of a parenting or child development expert, creating a safe and welcoming space for all.

A great way to bond with other parents and socialize with your child!

On the other hand, the “Weekend Break” service, a commendable and rare initiative in Montreal offered in partnership with the CIUSSS and the Table de concertation famille de Verdun, provides families with a day or night of break to prevent parental exhaustion.

How fortunate we are to have all this within the same Verdun facility!

Photo: Caroline Perron (Gracieuseté de Pause Parents-Enfants)


Out and about!

Always with the aim of making its services accessible to as many families as possible, the Centre Pause Parents-Enfants inaugurated the Centre de prêt Pause Plein air in 2019.

The initiative was born to overcome obstacles related to access to outdoor equipment, such as the lack of storage space or the high cost of certain sports accessories.

Located at 4400 boul. LaSalle, the project enables families to borrow outdoor equipment free of charge. Bikes, snowshoes, tennis rackets, games, balls, cross-country skis and an impressive variety of outdoor items are available on a first-come, first-served basis to help even more families discover the benefits of the great outdoors, summer and winter alike!

A solid, dedicated team

The passion and caring of the Pause Parents-Enfants de Verdun team is reflected in every aspect of their work. We wish them many more years of commitment and dedication to families and children’s well-being.

Thank you for your support and implication in the neighborhood!

Les employé·es de l’organisme communautaire famille et du CPE

Happy 30th anniversary to your team!