Publié le 3 May 2024
Gift ideas for Mother’s Day
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! On Sunday, May 12, it’s time to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Well merchants have already prepared some very special offers to spoil them!

La Mistinguette

If mom is environmentally conscious, give her gifts that reflect her values! At La Mistinguette, you’ll find a range of ecological products for the home, as well as local, eco-friendly beauty products. Give her a small handmade soap, a wooden crockery kit for picnics or even a pretty piece of handmade jewelry!

📍4537 Wellington

Photo: Caroline Perron

Photo: Caroline Perron

Atelier Floral 4 saisons

Flowers remain a classic and timeless gift for Mother’s Day. At Atelier Floral 4 Saisons, you’ll find an exquisite selection of bouquets, floral arrangements and even green plants for those with a green thumb. Treat your mom to a burst of nature and beauty with carefully selected fresh flowers.

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Jessi et cie

For a personalized gift, visit Jessi et Cie. Offer her a bracelet adorned with the stones of your choice, or even better, create a unique piece of jewelry with your own personal touch.

It’s the perfect time to express your love and gratitude through a gift specially dedicated to her.

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Photo: Caroline Perron

Acupuncture familiale Verdun

Treat your mom to a moment of relaxation and well-being with a gift card from Acupuncture Familiale Verdun. They offer a variety of packages to suit every need.

And don’t miss their special event on May 10, where they’ll be offering gift certificates for moisturizing facials or relaxing Swedish massages!

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Photo: Acupuncture Familiale Verdun

Jean Coutu Wellington

If your mom is a fan of make-up and VIP treatments, head to the cosmetics section at Jean Coutu Wellington! They too are organizing a VIP event on May 10, with make-up, tastings, drinks, beauty tips and gift baskets. Treat her to a star-studded beauty experience and celebrate her as she deserves!

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Photo: Jean Coutu

Librairie de Verdun

If Mom is a passionate reader, give her a carefully chosen book from Librairie de Verdun. There’s nothing like a good book to nourish the mind and imagination. And why not add a gourmet touch to her love of reading? Opt for a beautiful recipe book that will allow her to explore new culinary horizons.

Don’t hesitate to ask our booksellers for advice!

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Photo: Caroline Perron



Ballet hop!
Boutique Réunion

A must-have for every occasion! Short of ideas for mom and she’s a fan of tableware and decorative objects? Boutique Réunion has it all, with a selection of products as beautiful as they are high quality. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen accessory like a set of glasses bearing the effigy of Verdun and Montreal, or a delicious blend of spices from Filles Fattoush, you’re sure to find something to please her.

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Photo: Caroline Perron

To celebrate Mother’s Day, give your mom a Ballet Hop gift certificate, perfect for a dance experience with or without her children. Mom’s never done ballet or dance? Perfect, because Ballet Hop! is a relaxed and inclusive dance school, ideal for all levels and profiles.

In fact, the school is offering exciting Mother’s Day specials on gift cards until May 12!

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Photo: Caroline Perron

Photo: Caroline Perron

Dinner at her favorite restaurant

And because family moments are the most precious, treat your mom to a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant on Promenade Wellington. Take advantage of this moment to share laughter, stories and memories around a delicious table. It’s the perfect opportunity to show her how much she’s loved and appreciated.


Photo: Pizza 900

Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s eco-friendly, personal, relaxing or simply elegant, these suggestions will help you find the perfect gift to celebrate your mom on her special day. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to tell her how special and loved she is.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there! 🌸💕