Job available starting 18/04/2023
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Outside maintenance agent
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As part of the 4th edition of the pedestrianization of Wellington Street, the SDC Wellington is looking for one to two employees to participate in the maintenance of the pedestrianized Wellington Street (outdoor mandate at all times).

Street maintenance contributes to:

  • Promote a safe shopping environment,
  • Increase traffic and provide a friendly space to shop, work or stroll,
  • Contribute to the dynamism of the artery,
  • Increase the visibility, influence and attractiveness of Wellington Street, its businesses and the various assets of the Verdun Borough,
  • Develop Promenade Wellington as a major tourist destination on the island of Montreal.


We are looking for a seasonal employee to carry out the following mandate

  • Pick up garbage and cigarette butts,
  • On the pedestrian street in general,
  • At the facilities installed on the pedestrian street (huts, swings, deckchairs, sandboxes, public place, etc.)
  • Clean these same facilities (traces of food for example),
  • Pick up litter from parking spaces on streets perpendicular to Wellington, between Wellington Street and the alleys,
  • Pick up garbage at flowered sidewalk projections (at each street entrance perpendicular to Wellington Street),
  • Sweep in front of certain business facades if necessary,
  • Report any information deemed important on the ground to the organizing team.

The employee will be provided with appropriate equipment (cart, grabbers, brooms, gloves, etc.) and recognition clothing (t-shirts and raincoats with the pedestrianization logo). The clothing will be kept by the employee and the employee will be responsible for washing it.


Location of the mandate: Wellington Street in Verdun, between LaSalle Boulevard and 6th Avenue (approximately 1.3 km)

Start date: June 12, 2023

End of mandate: September 8, 2023


Hours: 30 to 35 hours per week, depending on your availability

Hourly rate: $16.50 per hour


You can send your applications to Davin: davin@promenadewellington.com


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