Unlock – Nouveau Mouvement
15 August au 15 August 2023


An experiential show. A danced escape game.

After explaining the rules of the game, the performer locks himself in a transparent box. You only have a few minutes to free him! From that moment on, anything goes. Hidden codes in the movements will enable you to help him. Dancing codes, spontaneous encounters: the time has come to join forces to free ourselves.


The basic premise of this show is to get the performer out of the box she’s locked herself into, by guessing at a distance the codes she lets us guess in her dance. The audience is thus engaged from start to finish, and even has to move or communicate with each other throughout the show.


Nouveau Mouvement

Living, vibrant, conscious art that supports reconnection with oneself and one’s environment. With its humanist, social, accessible and community-based vision, Nouveau Mouvement aims to create a nurturing ground for everyone’s development. Through engaging artworks, Nouveau Mouvement aims to create inner bodily pathways to support the movement of Life that circulates within us all.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

5:30 pm and 7:00 pm
Duration: 35 minutes

Location : In front of 4349 Wellington | Between Gordon et Rielle