Pôle Well Choir | Les Classy
5 December au 5 December 2021

Come and sing along with the Pôle Well choir as they wander around! Yes, all those years of learning Christmas classics will finally serve you well.

3 surprise afternoon performances

Description : 

Les Classy is an a cappella vocal quartet made up of professional singers (Véronique Gauthier, Valérie Gagnon, and François De Beaumont) who all have solid musical training and varied and complementary artistic experiences. In addition to their passion for music, what unites them is a genuine pleasure in singing together and creating a harmonic universe that speaks to the public through its beauty, its purity and the joy that emerges from it. This is a happy return for these 4 artists who have already, a few years ago, sung together in a Christmas quartet and who ardently wished to meet again and find several original arrangements by Pierre Laurier.


Program : 
Sunday, December 5th : Les Classy - Vocal Quartet
Saturday, December 11th : Trio Java - Vocal Ensemble
Sunday December 19th : Carte Blanche

Wandering between Boul. Lasalle and 6th Avenue