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In step with the wider borough’s current renewal, the economic vitality of Wellington Street is in full effervescence. Engaged, loyal and warm, Verdunites are always eager to discover new businesses and, when they adopt you, it’s for a long time.

A community that values buying local

Of the 250 businesses to have set up shop on this popular street, 175 were still in business five years later. With a survival rate nearing 70%, choosing Verdun to bring your ambitions to life is a well-calculated risk.

An accessible area

Located in the heart of a calm area, easily accessible with 3 metro stations nearby, surrounded by bike paths and just minutes from the riverfront, the downtown area, the highway and the Champlain Bridge; Verdun is a year-round economic hub.

An animated community life

Throughout the year, the commercial artery is transformed into a great gathering place with evening dancing, outdoor group classes and open-air sidewalk sales. People of all generations meet there to enjoy the lively ambiance.

Open Your Business on the Strip
3687 Wellington

François Tremblay
514.969.4419 /// [email protected]
1700 pi2
Taxe d'affaire aux frais du locataire. Rez-de-chaussée à espace ouvert + sous-sol de bonne hauteur. Façade et fenêtres rénovés.

3819 Wellington

Raymond Alcindor
4500 pi2

3939 Wellington

Jessica ou Lysanne Sourdif
Espaces de travail ouverts ou bureaux fermés - 2e étage
À partir de 250$/mois

3982 Wellington

Maximilian Cukier
514 661-6844
Entre 584 pi2 et 3 200 pi2
1er étage

4010 Wellington

Antoine Igard
3340 pi2

4012 wellington

Antoine Igard
950 pi2

4080 wellington

Cushman & Wakefield
1500 pi2 / 864 pi2

4448 Wellington

Mitchell Brownstein
6250 pi2

4470 Wellington

Groupe Denis Leblanc /// Roger Azoulay
514 965-4907
7000 pi2 par étage /// RDC, 2e et 3e étages
Idéal pour commerces et bureaux / Locaux en travaux qui peuvent être adaptés aux besoins

4535 Wellington

700 pi2

4816 Wellington

514 830-0405
860 pi2
Restaurant avec hotte et A/C // Terrasse en cour intérieure 31 places hivernisable

4841 Wellington

Stephan Timu /// [email protected]
514 924-3889
1 000 pi2 /// RDC
Locaux en travaux qui peuvent être adaptés aux besoins

4913 Wellington

1200 pi2

5010 Wellington

Maxime Désormeaux
Espaces de travail ouverts - 2e étage
Wifi, conciergerie, cuisine, salle de bain /// 200$ à 250$

5019 Wellington

1100 pi2 plus extension/entrepôt 500 pi2
Porte "overhead" et convoyeur bi-directionnel, idéal pour réception/expédition de marchandises

SDC Wellington support

Boost the visibility of Wellington Street and their members

Develop both generic and member-specific communication tools

Organize cultural and commercial events

Planning and holding advertising campaigns

Communications and public relations

Adding Value

Conduct studies and research to analyze the area

Recruit business in targeted sectors to achieve equilibrium desired for a mixed-use commercial sector

Forge partnerships between local business and organizations and landlords

Support the borough in managing public space and modifying legislation

Help the borough add value to public space (e.g., street pianos,
lighting, street furniture, etc.)

Oversee clean-up squad (May–October)

Member Services




Financial partner for member events

Member Representation

Before government and political bodies

At the association of Montréal SDCs, to foster retail growth Québec-wide

Action plan
Communication with members

To lower our environmental footprint and maximize
efficiency, SDCW uses exclusively electronic communication
tools with members. This includes a bilingual
newsletter published on average twice a month.

The newsletter provides a wealth of information on local
news, upcoming events and major communications
campaigns – an invaluable tool to help members keep
their fingers on the pulse of the latest skills development
and business trends.

Event communications

4 far-reaching event marketing campaigns are carried
out every year to promote the 4 major events held on
Wellington Street.

Combining print and digital media, these campaigns get people talking about Wellington Street and give merchants valuable visibility.

Joint Communications

Large-scale communication campaigns harness the
power of teamwork: by pooling resources, merchants
can use major media platforms that might otherwise be
beyond their advertising budget.

Outdoor advertising on STM buses

Advertising buys in newspapers

Métrovision (TV network in the Montréal Metro system)

Wellzine - Promenade Wellington magazine
(32 000 copies)

Renovate with PRAM-commerce

Financial support up to $ 250,000. PRAM-Commerce is a subsidy program to renovate facades and modernize the design of your store. The program is organized around two fields of intervention:

Financial Support

The loan granted is intended to cover one third (1/3) of the the cost of eligible work up to $50 000, $125 000 or $250 000 by building

Additional Subsidy

An additional grant to cover 50% of professional design fees up to $4 000, $10 000 or $20 000 by renovation project according to its size.

The eligible costs the program are those relating to:

Facades makeover (doors, windows, shopwindows, architectural elements, masonry, exterior walls)

Building access or permanent terraces design, Installation or modification of signs and canopies, exterior lighting, structural elements (foundation, frame, slanted roof), interior redesign or enlargment of the shop.



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