Event details Splash d'été! & contest !
Splash d’été! | Artistic tour on the Wellington Street with Gallea
20 August au 20 October 2021


The SDC Wellington and the Gallea Art Gallery invite you to discover a beautiful artistic collaboration aiming to contribute to the local economy while encouraging local independent artists. This initiative will run from August to October 2021 and will allow you to admire the artworks of local artists that will be displayed in participating businesses in the Well!

Discover the exhibition online at 👉 Gallea.ca

©Caroline Perron – August 2021

Opening hours

Art Exhibition: August 20 to October 20, 2021
Art tour and contest: August 20 to September 5, 2021
Free event!


- Maçonnerie Gratton | 3729 Wellington
- Aéroport Voyage | 3767 Wellington
- Chez Robin Marché Local | 3819 Wellington #102
- Alice&Theo | 3870 Wellington
- Ballet Hop! | 3984Wellington
- Boulangerie Pâtisserie Wellington | 3990 Wellington
- Benelux | 4026 Wellington
- Caisse Desjardins de L'Île-des-Soeurs-Verdun | 4162 Wellington
- Hakini - Clinique d'ostéopathie & École de yoga | 4255 Wellington #202
- Café Le 5e | 4437 Wellington
- Épicerie LOCO | 4437 Wellington
- Le coin du jouet | 4570 Wellington
- Fromagerie Copette & Cie | 4650 Wellington
- Marigold | 4841 Wellington
- Studio Tre Punti - Ateliers Artistiques | 5047 Wellington


Splash d'été! & contest !



Discover the different artworks exhibited at the different stores, through a playful artistic circuit! Find the signs with the map to guide you along the walk or the stickers on the doors of the participating businesses. From August 20 to September 5, 2021, if you wish, get on board for a contest that will allow you to win great gifts!




How to participate?


  • Find the answer to the riddle associated with the artwork you are admiring. For some of the riddles, you’ll have to scan the QR code on the informative poster assigned to the piece. Indeed, the answer can be found in:
    – The artwork
    – The description of the artwork (online)
    – The artist’s bio (online)
    – The artist’s artistic approach (online)


  • Fill out and return your entry ticket with the answer to the riddle in the draw jar provided in the participating store


  • Go on a quest to find the other works of art on the Well and collect as many participation tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning.


What are the prizes?


Take the chance to win a participation to the drawing of a gift basket including :

  • 100$ gift card on the Gallea.ca gallery
  • 100$ gift card to the art supply store boutique.gallea.ca
  • Gifts from the businesses of the Well


©Caroline Perron – August 2021



In addition to the Splash d’été! circuit, you can also come across several artists’ prints on the Well! Galleries, artworks, murals or even floor paintings present or hidden around the promenade, let yourself be carried away by the different shades of art, have fun and then share your #verdunluv!


©Caroline Perron – June 2021

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