Details of the event Volunteerism
INSCAPE, spectacle in sitù | Human Playground
18 au 21 September 2019

Milan Gervais | Traces-Chorégraphes

Hybrid, polymorphic and ambulatory, at the crossroads of contemporary dance and urban event design, INSCAPE, l’autre maintenant operates the reversal of the function of parking floors, appropriating it as subject and scene, space for reflection and gathering. In its ascent, the public witnesses the crossing of 5 individuals, a sort of ephemeral tribe, whose bodies corrode the aridity of the place and impregnate it with sensoriality.

Choreographer Milan Gervais and Human Playground see INSCAPE as a way to feel and reflect on the city, to lend an artistic voice to questions about urban infrastructures, the environmental context of the beginning of the 21st century and the present and future needs of our city. humanity.

Choreography: Milan Gervais | Patrick Lamothe, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Susan Paulson, Marine Rixhon, Jessica Serli | Scenography: Hubert Lafore | Lighting: Hugo Dalphond | Music: Antoine Berthiaume | Artistic Council: Sophie Michaud

Opening hours

Wednesday, September 18, 201 9: 7:30 pm
Thursday September 19, 2019 : 7:30 pm
Friday, September 20, 2019 : 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 21, 2019 : 7:30 pm

Camp Ethel
Access : 4015 Wellington



VOLUNTEERS WANTED to support the smooth running of d’INSCAPE – l’autre maintenant!!

Want to get involved and live this experience from the inside?


> Providing a safe and welcoming environment for the audience

> Ensuring that the audience follow the right path during the show

> Ensuring that the public keep a safety distance with the artists


> 4 evenings minimum between september, 11th to 21st (days off : 09/15.16.17)

> 1 evening for the dress rehearsal : september, 9th or 10th

Being volunteers, what are the benefits:

> One pair of tickets for INSCAPE – l’autre maintenant to offer

> One pair of tickets for an other Danse-Cité 2019-2020 show

> Gifts certificates valid at some cultural partners




CONTACT:  Alexia Martel — de[email protected]  | 514.525.3595