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Cultiver Verdun | Camp Ethel
4 au 5 May 2019


A weekend of edible gardening Presented by SDC Wellington and Grand Potager. You can buy seeds, seedlings, trees and shrubs of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. Also find gardening materials, fun activities and a huge celebration of urban agriculture!

Cultiver Verdun is a unifying event that brings together several organizations across Montreal and beyond that work in the field in urban agriculture!

This event is organized as part of Cultiver Montréal : the month of urban agriculture in May!

This event brings together a host fantastic exhibitors offering tips and tricks to enhance urban vegetable gardens, the sale of seedlings and horticultural equipment, and awareness activities. Cultiver Verdun encourages residents to implement gardening projects and seeks to promote the resources available in the community for this purpose.

Drinks and foods available on the site by Chez Robin marché local!

FREE Workshops Schedule - Saturday, May 4th:

11:15 am to 12 pm - Ça pousse
Construction of a vermicomposteur and discussion on the living soil

12:15 pm to 1 pm - Cultiver Montreal
Cultivation of edible plants

1:15 pm to 2 pm - Un plant de tomate à la fois
How to plan your urban garden

14:15 to 15:00 - CAUS
Culinary competition / launch of the crowdfunding campaign

FREE Workshops Schedule - Sunday May 5th

11:15 am to 12:00 pm - Neumark Design
Grow your berries

12:15 pm to 1 pm - Demain Verdun
Citizen engagement

1:15 pm to 2 pm - Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains
Vegetable gardening in an urban environment

14:15 to 15:00 - CAUS
Culinary competition / launch of the crowdfunding campaign

Opening hours

Saturday, May 4, 2019: 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday, May 5, 2019: 10 am to 4 pm

Free admission


Chez Robin Marché Local

Robin Marché Local is distinguished by its ecological mission and its global vision. The healthy and ethical supply of merchandise allows us to offer our customers non-GMO foods and better quality local products.

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Hamidou Horticulture

Hamidou Horticulture is a project for the production and sale of ethnic, ancient and Native American vegetable seedlings to satisfy immigrants or descendents of immigrants, people who like to discover new plants and flavors, community and urban agriculture projects willing to do to grow plants from here, from elsewhere and from before. For your culinary tests, for your daily life or for your neighbors, we offer healthy plants grown according to organic standards.

The company also works as a consultant in organic market gardening.

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Santropol Roulant

Santropol Roulant is a food center and an intergenerational community. The Roulant's agriculture program aims to build healthy, fair and sustainable food systems. Our farm is growing a 3-acre parcel of land in Senneville in a bio-intensive manner. Urban and peri-urban farmers will be on hand to sell organic seedlings grown with love! It will also be possible to take some of our canned and organic seeds from the Tourne-Sol farm.

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Concordia Greenhouse

The Concordia greenhouse project is a non-profit organization, managed by consensus. He uses the greenhouse on the roof of the Henry H. Hall building as a fully organic space focused on community, education and sustainable horticulture. The Greenhouse is a year-round green space that hosts workshops, projects and events to raise awareness of food issues and alternatives to traditional consumerism.

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Ça pousse!

You want to grow your own fruit and vegetables but you live on the sixth floor of an apartment block and the waiting list at the community garden is too long? Why not turn your balcony into an urban vegetable garden! During the workshop on urban agriculture and balcony gardens, participants will develop the skills needed to start their own garden on the balcony.

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Un plant de tomate à la fois

A 100% Verdunois project! Collective gardens, workshops for young and old (agriculture and ecology) and cooking workshops are at the rendezvous!

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Cooperative Solidarity
Solid Urban Abundance
aims to create abundance for citizens
in healthy and local food and
in education and social relations

We will celebrate our 5th anniversary in 2019!

The kiosk will be a small version of their cooperative purchasing center and will include Verdun Farmers' Markets products, seeds, gloves, high quality compost, tools and seedlings.

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Grand potager

Grand Potager is an urban agriculture resource center located in the municipal greenhouses of Verdun. Our mandate is the development of community food resilience through the collective use of underutilized municipal infrastructure. Being a vector of development of the social, environmental and economic relations in our district, we favor:
- the gathering of innovative projects in food security and vegetable gardening under one roof,
- communication between organizations, citizens and the borough,
- support and support for community groups already active in the borough,
- the start of new dynamic projects in vegetable gardening and food security for the Verdun community,
- the development of the local economy.

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Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains

Urban seedling is essential in the development of Montreal's urban agriculture sector. We are revolutionizing the gardening and landscaping industry to change the way citizens view their lands. By targeting biodiversity, eco-friendly gardening and planting fruit and vegetables in the city, we favor contact with nature. At our booth, you will find seedlings of 120 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers as well as organic fertilizers and gardening equipment.

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Botaphyte's vision is to democratize, adapt and develop unusual edible plants. For this, we focus our activities on the sale of seedlings, seeds or propagules as well as testing and improvement for the climatic conditions of Quebec. This with a marked interest for perennial and ethnic plants of temperate regions even if they require a work of adaptation or development.

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Today, MicroHabitat offers urban agriculture services to leading corporations, culinary establishments, schools and other organizations in the Greater Montreal area. At the beginning of the season, we are also offering residents of Verdun a chance to green their spaces at home thanks to MicroHabitat's urban agriculture products available at the Cultiver Verdun event.

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Neumark Design

Edible and ecological landscaping
Permacultural design and landscaping
Specialized nursery
Educational workshops

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Semences du Portage

Semences du Portage, a company located in Montreal, offers a catalog of vegetable, aromatic, medicinal and ornamental plant seeds. No GMOs No hybrids No pesticide.

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Terre Promise

Terre Promise is a local company that produces ecological seeds of vegetables for the vegetable garden. Our mission is the preservation of ancient, rare and heritage varieties. We have more than 250 varieties, everything for your garden!

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Jardin Autonome

In a context of sustainable development, sharing and sustainable decline, we invite you to become peasants again with the help of the autonomous garden!

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Pro Vert Sud-Ouest

Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest is a non-profit organization that aims to promote
the quality of life of citizens through beautification actions,
cleanliness and recycling while promoting the environmental health of the
South West.

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Flora Exotica

Exotic plants from around the world. Bamboo, bonsai, fragrant flowers, fruit trees, culinary and medicinal herbs.

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Les Fermes Lufa

Lufa Farms has built the world's first rooftop commercial greenhouse to change the way the world feeds and create an ecologically and economically sustainable urban agriculture model.

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