OK LÀ – August 6, 2021
6 August au 6 August 2021


The sun sets on the cement walls of Stationnement Ethel in Verdun, there is a buzz in the air. Do you feel it? After this time of uncertainty and darkness, the winds are finally beginning to change. While masks may continue to hide them for a while longer, smiles slowly return to our faces. The thought of being reunited is just moments away from becoming a reality.

OK LÀ, a series of multi-faceted events dedicated to the dissemination of experimental music and performative cinema, returns for its 5th year. It has been too long since we have seen each other.

On the 6th & 7th of August, we tear away from our solitude, to finally find one another, together again, in an oasis of creative diversity and human sharing. In complete freedom, aware of the limits of others, in respect of the conditions, we once more become happy witnesses to the dazzling colour of your eyes.

On Friday, August 6th we open the floodgates and bring you the sonic waves of Anna Arrobas’ ethereal dream folk. Following the velvety smooth and melancholic sounds of Arrobas, we have Last Ex (Olivier Fairfield and Simon Trottier). Known for their cinematographic universe, the two draw on and blend various influences in perfect unity. They will surely serve as the ideal soundtrack for an exquisite scene of your evening.

Then you are invited to follow the flow of filmmaker Michaela Grill and violinist Sophie Trudeau, where image and sound will draw deep into the waters of your future memories, to question and illustrate your eventual moments of deja vu. The evening will also be brought together by Salon Privé, a dreamlike organism for auditory liberation, tuned to a frequency difficult to capture yet strangely familiar.

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Ethel parking lot, Verdun - 4000 Ethel
De l'Église station