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As part of the 375th anniversary celebrations of Montreal City and 150th of Canada, SDC Wellington develops ''Les Contes de Verdun'' on Promenade Wellington.

From 20th July, Promenade Wellington will come alive with a unique soundtrack in which Verdun will be told through 3 stories. Stories complemented by a narration and a sound ambiance that plunge the user into a captivating immersive experience. The launch of each tale will be done during a unique night of bivouac, in the heart of downtown Verdun.

3 tales, 3 communities, 3 nights in camp

Through the stages of the history of Verdun relocated in the context of three important communities that marked the development of Verdun. The history of the Irish, “Madelinoises” and Native communities will be revealed with a geolocalized application that will invite citizens to discover the past of their neighborhood and to mark a self-service route.

Camp night

Three bivouac evenings are planned during which a guest storyteller performs in front of the public. An evening under the stars where tales are whispered around a crackling fire, a privileged moment to share between neighbors. As soon as it gets dark, the park behind Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church will be transformed in a open air camp setting : picnic, fire camp and musicians guests. 

July 20th 2017 /// Les Madelinots 
« La grande traversée » by Cédric Landry

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August 17h 2017 /// Les Irlandais 
« L’homme qui n’avait pas de chance » by  Éric Michaud

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September 1st 2017 /// Les premières nations 
« Pelazak ta awanochwipelazak » by Sylvain Rivard

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Parcours en libre-service

Available along the Promenade Wellington from July 20th to October 2017. In order to extend your experience, download the free application on your mobile phone. Explore the street to your liking while listening to mini-stories deeply inspired by the site and the facts that took place. Close to listening posts, artefacts will materialize each story,   À proximité des lieux d’écoute, des objets et mises en scènes matérialiseront chaque histoire, try for yourself !

Here's a look at the availabilities of the paths that will be presented :

July 20th – October 31th - Les Madelinots
August 17th – October 31th - Les Irlandais
September 1st – October 31th - Les Premières Nations

Download the application « Les Contes de Verdun », available on the App Store and Google Play.

App Store : https://goo.gl/Cm6rPe
Google Play : https://goo.gl/1iFrks

« The summer programming of the bivouac evenings will be unveiled on May 1, 2017. "Les contes de Verdun" is an event of the official programming of Montréal's 375th anniversary, made possible by the contribution of the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec and with the participation of the Government of Canada. »

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July 20th /// Les Madelinots
by Cédric Landry

From 6 p.m. : Picnic on in the park behind Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church (De l'Église metro exit)
7:30 p.m. : Musical jam 
9:30 p.m. : Live storytelling performance at the sunset hour



« Hi. I’m Cédric Landry, known as Cédric à Martin à Fred, and I’m from the Magdalen Islands. Back home, there’re long lines o’ fishermen, and there’re long lines o’ storytellers. But my grandfather wasn’t a fisherman.

The story I’m gonna tell ya tonight is based on real events, things that happened to inspirational people who inspired me to tell ya their story.

Back home, we’ve got a sayin’: Ya can take the man outta the Islands, but ya can’t take the Islands outta the man. Anywhere we go, we take a bit o’ the Magdalens with us. That’s prob’ly why there’s a bit o’ the Magdalens here in Verdun. »

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August 17th /// Les Irlandais
by Éric Michaud

From 6 p.m. : Picnic in the park behind the Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church (Metro de l'Église exit)
7 p.m. : Musical Jam 

20 h : Storytelling live performance at the sunset hour



« Ever heard of the luck of the Irish? Well, it seems that the Flanagan family never did!

Once upon a time, in between the years 1900 and 1930, there lived a man by the name of Patrick Flanagan. He was a third generation Irishman.

Ah, now just hold on a minute! Before I begin describe this adventure, I have to tell you the story of this particular family. The family had a very similar background to other Irish families that immigrated here. They were Catholics and hard workers who dampened the country with their sweat. »

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September 1st /// Les Premières Nations
by Sylvain Rivard

From 6 p.m. : Picnic in the park behind Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church (Metro de l'Église exit)
6:30 p.m. : Musical jam with Le Winston Band and guests.
7:30 p.m. : Live storytelling at the sunset hour



« The story I’m going to tell you took place on the back of Turtle Island, at the time of great changes.

At the place where clumps and lumps of earth were deposited (thud, thud, thud!) at the fork in the Great Brother of All Rivers. You know, the one that runs from the Central Source to the Salty Water.

Islands, isles, islets, natural rounded navels in the middle of the rapids.

A place now called the Hochelaga Archipelago. A place of plentiful resources, where many nations lived. »

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