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with an added music show, an extra street, and another whole day!

Spurred on by the growing success of the Cabane Panache et bois rond, the whole team of the Promenade Wellington are working all out to devise a 7th edition that will be even more involving and animated.

After welcoming more than 55,000 visitors from all corners of the city last year over a span of 3 days, the Cabane Panache et bois rond will be making a triumphal return to rue Wellington, setting up its lumberjack camps for 4 days this time, from March 23 to 26, 2017.

Square dancing, two-man saws, log-throwing, traditional music, and maple taffy will be on the menu, offering something for everyone! Festival-goers are invited to celebrate the maple syrup season in Montreal and participate in the biggest backwoods party in the city, with two “traditional” evenings and four days of celebration of the natural wonders of Quebec.

Thanks to the close cooperation of the arrondissement of Verdun, this well-loved spring event will be offering 6 shows of 100% francophone music, beginning on Thursday evening.

And don’t worry, the gang of neighbourhood restaurateurs will once again be at their stations to whip up la Cookerie et les Cocktails and offer up a rustic feast of delicacies both sweet and spicy. Over the course of this amazing weekend, Montrealers will have a chance to experience various aspects of life in the age of the trappers, enjoy laughs galore, and share special moments. It’s like being deep in the woods, in the heart of the city!

Discover all the details of the musical programming, a complete list of events, as well and the menu by going through the Website.

La Cabane Panache et bois rond on the Promenade Wellington Between De L’Église and Rielle, metro De L’Église

Opening hours

Thursday march 23th 2017 : 5 p.m. to 21 p.m.
Vendredi 24 mars 2017 : 5 p.m. to 21 p.m.
Samedi 25 mars 2017 : 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Dimanche 26 mars 2017 : 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Pour media info :
Claire Strunck - Claire@comclaire.com

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2017 LINEUP 

The whole team at Promenade Wellington as well as the arrondissement of Verdun, co-presenter of the musical component, take pride in announcing today a selection of local artists, presenting 100% francophone concerts.

Mara Tremblay, Alaclair Ensemble, Pépé et sa guitare, Carotté, Dylan Perron et Élixir de Gumbo and Les Charbonniers de l’enfer (closing act) will be taking part in the biggest backwoods party in town. 



6 p.m. /// free
Pépé et sa guitare en trio  

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

This festive acoustic Québécois rock will have you singing and tapping your feet with a smile on your face. Known for his sincerity, Pépé will be joined by two talented multi-instrumentalists, who will add another dimension to his songs.

7:30 p.m. /// free
Mara Tremblay (trio)

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

Melancholy and luminous, sparkling and relaxing, Mara Tremblay’s current sound is rooted in rock and folk, takes side journeys into pop and the French chanson, and blooms into modernity.

Coming soon /// free
Jules Cousineau

Scène de la forêt - Park on Galt St.

Singer-songwriter of French, Quebec and traditional song. From a young age he wrote stories and poems while learning the harmonica, the accordion, a few brass instruments and the classical guitar.


6:30 p.m. /// free
Dylan Perron et Élixir de Gumbo

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

Dylan Perron and Élixir de Gumbo: it’s a secret recipe from the circle of farm women from the village of La Motte in Abitibi. A cup of bluegrass, a pint of blues, a tablespoon of folk, a pinch of Celtic, all of it soaked in a gamey quartet!

8 p.m. /// free

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

The six musicians who make up the group Carotté are breathing new life into some Quebec folk standards as well as offering new compositions. There’s no better way to invoke the pleasures of spring than a good dose of traditional music with a punk-rock edge.

Coming soon /// free
André Daneau

Scène de la forêt - Park on Galt St.

As a child of the city and the urban whirlwind of Montreal, he amazes with his breathtaking performances with his harmonica, which he merges with podorythmia, rhythm played with the feet, resulting from the traditional music of Quebec.


2 p.m. /// free
Alaclair Ensemble

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

Alaclair Ensemble, an eclectic rap group whose composition varies, was born in Quebec City in 2007. The sophisticated but unorthodox rhythms of KenLo offer a fertile meeting place for a handful of changing collaborators.


Coming soon /// Free
Câlleur et Les Danseux

Outdoor stage - Wellington St. and Galt St.

Great evening of traditional dances. Les Danseux aim to promote traditional dance and music in Québec. Learn the basics and participate in a huge outdoor square set.


Coming soon /// Free
Alexis Chartrand and Peter Senn

Stage - Between Galt and Gordon

Get ready to dance to the traditional sound of Alexis and Peter's electrifying violin and guitar duo.


2 p.m. /// free
André Lejeune

Main stage -  Wellington and de l’Église

André Lejeune organizes a popular gathering and allows a meeting of generations during this festivity marked by identity and pride of Quebec.


Coming soon /// Free
Câlleur et Les Danseux

Outdoor stage - Wellington St. and Galt St.

Great evening of traditional dances. Les Danseux aim to promote traditional dance and music in Québec. Learn the basics and participate in a huge outdoor square set.

4 p.m. /// 20 $
Les Charbonniers de l’enfer

Église Notre-Dame-Des-Sept-Douleurs

Quebec’s only a cappella group that specializes in researching and interpreting the traditional oral repertory, the Charbonniers de l’enfer have been burning bright for 12 years, setting stages aflame all across Quebec. Tickets will be on sale from Monday, January 16, at noon here.

Free admission for children under the age of 2 sit on their parent's lap. 














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The quality of a lumber camp's cookery was mandatory to keep the men happy. The foreman who hired a bad cook, even had some difficulties to find new workers. When the men came back from the woods, the meal had to be ready. They were starving.

You’ll see it by yourself, the suggested menu could full the greediest lumberjack for at least a week! This year, 15 restaurants and 3 pubs of the arrondissement of Verdun are offering their creations. Come back in February to discover the menu! 

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Crédit photo : Michel Plante - ccdmd

Located in the heart of the village, the general store used to gather the communities who didn’t have any other place to share news, except from the Church Plaza. The shopkeeper knew all the last news and most of all… the gossips!

More than 15 artists and crafters will be represented at our general store that will celebrate raw materials and traditional savoir-faire.

Artists and crafters who would like to share their  creations during our event have until February 10th  to do so. Please complete the form here.

Send it in an email adressed to Manon Couraud at Manon@promenadewellington.com

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Copyright : Aline Dubois

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In a lumber camp, we used to hire a shoboy as a jack of all trades. He cutted the firewood, cleared off the snow in the hallway and called everyone out for lunch by knocking his spoon on a pan. Everybody knew the cook assistant, and he knew everybody!

The 7th edition of the Cabane Panache et Bois Rond will take place from March, 23rd to 26th, 2017. The organizing committee needs about 100 shoboys (volontary worker) to realize this mission with success. Shoboys will be involved in the preparatory process and the event holding.


Available positions

Animation and promotion

Animator of the games, welcoming and informing participants


Reception and information for tourists, photograph, video filmmaker

Cultural programmation

Production assistant, artists admission, dressing-room agent

Logistic support

Technical team assistant, stage supervising, helping setting up and remove facilities

Administrative services

Opinion poll assignant, statistic holder


Routine maintenance executant

Sustainable development

Environment liable team, residual material management



- Lunchs provided

- 2 coupons a day for 2 bites size on the event.


Can’t wait to join our passionate team ?

To become a volunteer, click here and fill in the form!

Any person who has questions about the enrollment process can call 514 766-6437 or write an email to marylou@promenadewellington.com

*Source : La vie dans les camps de bûcherons au temps de la pitoune de Raymonde Beaudoin

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