Publié le 26 March 2020
Livraison arc-en-ciel : the Well at home!
Retour à la vie de quartier
For supporting our local businesses, we are mobilizing!

You were looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your #VERDUNLUV ? ❤️💛💚💙

Many businesses on Promenade Wellington now offer home delivery, either on their own or through the new Promenade Wellington bicycle delivery initiative.

To place your order, please refer to the file HERE.

Merchants with a rainbow 🌈 are registered with the Promenade Wellington service.

We explain this delivery service in detail!


WARNING: no delivery on Saturday 4 April for orders placed after 10:30 am and no delivery on Sunday 5 April. You can still place orders with your retailers for delivery on Monday 6 April!

We buy local to save our businesses while staying home to save lives!
Who can benefit from this delivery service?

For the moment, residents of the following neighbourhoods can take advantage of the service:

🌈 Verdun including Nun’s Island (H4G, H4H et H3E)

🌈 Côte Saint Paul and Ville-Émard (H4E)

🌈 Pointe Saint Charles (H3K)

How it's work ?

 🌈 Step 1 :

Place an order with the store of your choice registered at the ”livraison arc-en-ciel”. Each merchant operates differently, you will find the complete list of merchants and their ways of doing business HERE. This can be by phone, email or online.

Note that the following products are not covered by the service: meals, frozen food, alcohol.

We ask you to be reasonable when ordering: no 100 kg bags or a list of products that goes on and on! The total load that can be transported is 250 kg but remember it’s to be shared with all your neighbours.

No return will be possible during the COVID-19 crisis period. For more information, contact the retailer from whom you purchased your product.

Also note that the conditions will change in the coming weeks, you will find all the information on this article which will be updated regularly.


 🌈 Step 2 :

At the time of payment, your merchant will charge you the amount of the delivery in addition to your invoice.

This service cost 5$ plus taxes to be paid by the customer. 

The method of payment will depend on your merchant’s transaction method!

If you wish to place an order with several merchants it is possible but note that you will be charged 5$ plus taxes per business.


 🌈 Step 3 :

Orders placed before 1pm can be processed in the afternoon. Otherwise, they will be delivered the next day.

Please note that the project is currently in the running-in phase, that the number of member businesses will increase over the next few days and that some delays may occur.

We’re looking forward to you to be indulgent and to give us your feedback and ideas by email.


 🌈 Step 4 :

You will receive your order downstairs.

Once the delivery man arrives on site:

  • The delivery man will leave the package at the building’s entry. No delivery person is allowed to enter in your building/apartment/condo.
  • Once arrived, the delivery person will notify you of his presence by ringing or knocking on the door and will move two meters away from the door to keep a safe distance from people.
  • No signature is required and no tips are allowed in order to eliminate any contact between the delivery person and the customer.
  • For safety reasons, discard cardboard or plastic packaging immediately.
  • Wash your hands immediately afterwards.


Good to know

Note that only merchants with the rainbow pictogram 🌈 in the Promenade Wellington merchants file participate at the ”livraison arc-en-ciel” system specifically.

List of participating merchants :

La Librairie de VerdunBoutique RéunionLa MistinguetteCafé le 5eGame Keeper VerdunChico – Boutique d’animauxAudacieuse Vanille, BOSSA Prêt-à-mangerFromagerie copette & CieFamiliprix Clinique – Samir BourasPâtisserie de la Gare WellingtonCha NoirLivres Disques Les Bons DébarrasChoco Passion, Boutique Brock-Art


Businesses operating with other delivery services are just as efficient!

The ”livraison arc-en-ciel” project is provided by Livraison Vélo Montréal in association with Courant Plus and Jalon mtl. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at 438-826-0802 or by email. [email protected]


Take care of yourself and those around you.

💙💚💛❤️ Everything it’s going to be all right.❤️💛💚💙



Illustration by the Verdunoise Sax